About The Three Stooges®

The Three Stooges <br>in THE SITTER DOWNERS (Columbia 1937)Who are these guys?  They are American icons and Kings of Comedy who have outlasted every other comedy team in continuous popularity and unlimited staying power enjoying over 80 years of success on stage, screen and television.  Few people fail to recognize the familiar names and images of Larry, Moe and Curly.

In 1959, the famous comedy team founded Comedy III Productions, Inc. Today, as C3 Entertainment, Inc., the diversified entertainment company is involved in television and motion picture production, retail sales and the licensing and merchandising of The Three Stooges brand. 



The Three Stooges Live On!

The Three Stooges Back at MGM

On November 4, 2008, MGM announced that it was moving forward on a modern incarnation of The Three Stooges, in an all new The Three Stooges, live-action theatrical motion picture.  The much anticipated new movie will feature an A-List Cast and will be a major release from MGM, sure to sweep the nation with The Three Stooges unique brand of comedy. C3 Entertainment is the Executive Producer with the award-winning team of Bobby and Peter Farrelly attached to direct from their screenplay. 


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